Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It Takes a Team

I love working for myself.  I make my own hours, call my own shots, and do what I love.  However, I miss the brainstorming and encouragement that comes with being part of a team.

This weekend, my Kiwanis Club had its annual apple sale.  Because my schedule is flexible, I took on extra responsibility planning and publicizing.  I wanted to grow our sale and ensure our Club raised as much money as possible.

Things were going well, and presales were high.  Then, I learned our apple order was cut.  The unapproved decision was a devastating blow.  We had worked so hard.  Personally, I had taken on way too much, only to find those efforts wouldn’t pay off as I had planned.  I knew the answer was to persevere anyway, but I couldn’t.  I was burnt out and let the setback deflate me.  I felt frustrated, angry, and powerless to make a difference.

The day of the sale, I talked with my friends, and learned they shared my disappointment.  I was reminded of the children we fundraise for, and inspired by those who came out to support our efforts.  My spirits were lifted by a team of friends who were anxious to remind me of all the progress we had made and the ways we could do better next year.

We didn’t achieve the lofty goals I had hoped for, but we sold out and our team raised the money needed to continue funding Driscoll Children’s Hospital’s Camp for All.

As for the increased volume?  I am confident we’ll achieve that next year.

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