Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Good Things are Happening Here!

Sure, my blog is meant to discuss marketing and business.  But sometimes, I will shamelessly use it to plug things I’m involved with.  Today is such a day.

Corpus Christi Under 40 recognizes local young professionals who exemplify professional and civic achievement.  Each year, nominations are solicited throughout the community and a selection committee picks Corpus Christi’s best.  These recipients are recognized at a breakfast with the Mayor and a party where recipients can hang out with old friends and meet new ones.

In 2009, I was recognized by CCU40.  Despite considering myself relatively well connected, the Mayor’s Breakfast blew my mind.  I was surrounded by young people who are accomplishing amazing things.  Most of them were people I’d never seen.  I wanted to continue supporting the organization that brought these people to surface.  I have nominated professionals and been in involved with CCU40 ever since.  Currently, I’m serving as program co-chair with my new friend, Julie Bedsole.

Since 2006, CCU40 has been supported by our local Chamber of Commerce.  In 2012, we teamed with Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, which has been an amazing partnership already.

In addition to recognizing young people in our community, CCU40 gives back annually to our community.  This year, we are proud to share proceeds with Corpus Christi Metro Ministries.

Many good things are being done in our community, but lack publicity.  Corpus Christi is filled with opportunities to make and impact.  It is my hope that, if we continue to recognize and promote the positive, others will come to appreciate our community more, and become inspired enough to get involved as well.

I hope you will consider supporting CCU40.  Nomination applications are available at and will be taken until midnight November 2nd.  Help us promote the good things that are happening here!

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