Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Walt Disney and the Coffee Bean

I started listening to the Catholic Channel on SiriusXM.  I know, I know.  It sounds lame.  But their programming is engaging.  Ironically, every day they have me belly laughing in my car and getting funny looks from other drivers.

This past weekend, I turned on the Catholic Channel and the program host was talking about Walt Disney.  My ears perked up.  My attention was his.

The show host told a funny story about his daughters begging to watch the movie Bambi.  He fought hard but eventually gave in.  During the viewing, he was surprised to learn that Bambi, was in fact, a boy deer, not a girl.


When Walt Disney and his brother, Roy started making a lot of money, they bought their parents a nice new home in Burbank, CA.  Tragically, a furnace had problems and the Disney brothers' mother died of asphyxiation in 1938.  Walt Disney never spoke of this event, even to his children.  It was worse than tragic.  It changed his life forever.

In 1942, Walt Disney produced Bambi, the popular story of the little boy dear who lost his mother and had to learn to navigate the world alone.

The host of the talk show went on to talk about how bad things happen, but they can be used as a catalyst for something great.  If we turn things over to God and work hard, we can persevere.  Good things can come from bad.

The talk show host went on to discuss coffee beans.  Coffee beans aren't very useful independently.  However, hot water (perhaps unpleasant for coffee beans) helps them realize their true purpose.  The hot water allows the coffee bean to become something greater.

Life and business present challenges.  Bad things happen.  Sometimes things don't go our way.  But even when things don't seem right, good can come. 

Remember Walt Disney.  Let your coffee inspire you.  Keep the faith and never give up.