Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bonjour Y'all!

For more than 85 years, great things have been happening at our Harbor Playhouse.  But while the show went on, the building fell into serious disrepair, development efforts became unfocused, and our beloved theatre came in serious danger of closing its doors forever.

In March, I became part of a team of professionals led by Brucie Moore, Carla Gardiner, and myself.  We were planning a party to promote the upcoming run of Les Misérables.  However, priorities quickly shifted.

Soon, we were managing operations.  Brucie oversaw efforts and a renovation project, seeking donors to help fund replacement of rundown and overused doors, flooring, the roof, and other parts of the Playhouse building.  Carla took on the role of Interim Executive Director, like Brucie, eating, sleeping, and breathing all things theatre.  I primarily worked on marketing and development odds and ends.  

We worked through much sweat and many tears with Bonnie Rodda, Connie Cone, Becky Gardner, and many others.  A few weeks ago, when The Crucible was opening, all the Playhouse A/C units went out, right in the middle of lobby renovations and just before youth theatre camp.  A plea to supporters and the general public resulted in those bills getting paid.  The renovation could continue!  Our amazing community and their support had saved us!

Bonjour Y'all, the party our group was initially tasked with planning, will be held this Monday, June 24th at 5:30pm at Brewster Street Icehouse.  Harbor Playhouse and its patrons will give a BIG Texas Howdy to all things French in honor of Les Misérables, which opens July 19th. We'll have Champagne and Shiner Bock, Croissants and BBQ, and delicate French pastries served with Blue Bell ice-cream.  Of course, you can also count on a great deal of Ooh la la and Boot Scootin'!

Please plan to join us, Honorary Chairs, Kathy and Joe Adame, and the many community leaders, local business, and volunteers who are working hard to ensure the Harbor Playhouse will enter into its second act.  Tickets are $100 and available by calling the Harbor Playhouse (882-5500) or purchasing at the door the night of the event.
We look forward to seeing y'all there!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Thank you, Chumbawamba

I've always wanted to make a good impression.  I worry about what other people think.  But one time, as a child, I went out on a limb and asked my very conservative aunt for a music CD that was unconventional, weird, and a little scary looking.  I wanted Chumbawamba's catchy new song, "Tubthumping".  And as uncomfortable as it was for me to ask for it, I was really glad I did when  I received my new CD that Christmas.

I've been working on a lot of projects lately, and with a lot of teams.  I have also had the opportunity to run face first into politics that were much more prevalent and convoluted than I ever could have imagined.

I know politics are commonplace.  But lately, I've gotten a close look at the deceit and dysfunction they can create.  It's unfortunate, and I am frustrated.  Often I feel defeated, as if there is no way out, and nothing left to do.  But sincere supporters who believe in me and what I am doing have come to surface.  To me, they have meant the world, especially as I try to navigate these tricky new waters.

Last night, I was working late, inspired by my mission, my friends, and their encouragement.  I starting getting excited about new ideas.  I had renewed energy.  And then, it came back from my childhood.  "Tubthumping" was playing in my head.

Right now, I find the idea of getting knocked down and getting up again all too familiar.  Lately, it seems half my time is spent on the floor, wondering if I ought to just stay there.  But no matter how discouraging our circumstances, we must always get up and keep trying.  We must keep working hard and moving forward.

Thank you, friends, for your inspiration and encouragement.  And thank you, Chumbawamba, for sticking with me, even after all these years.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dusting Off the Blog-Webs

I have fallen into the trap I warn my clients about.  Worse than cobwebs, my blog has started to grow blog-webs.

The last month has been especially busy.  In addition to being swamped, I've been amazed to see that so many growing and learning opportunities can be packed into such a short window of time.  There have been highs, lows, challenges, and opportunities.  Perfect plans have fallen apart.  I leaned on friends and they leaned on me.  We picked up pieces and developed new plans for moving forward. 

Looking back, it's surprising to see there were more disappointments than I'd realized, a true testament to the impact high functioning teams and a positive attitude can have on challenging situations. 

I'm thankful for the opportunity to put things in perspective and see small setbacks for what they are, merely stepping stones that teach us and provide opportunities for us to dig in our heels and find a better way of working things out.  Rather thank licking wounds, I've learned to move quickly in working towards converting disappointments into something greater.

Take time to identify and learn from friends, mentors, and people you trust.  Then, when we need their lessons most, we will find them in ourselves and have the ability to share what we've learned with others.