Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Feeling Uninspired?

When I was at the Caller-Times, I took short walks around a close park when my brain was tired or full.  One day, my boss saw me walking and figured something must be wrong.  He told me I could go home for the day!
Too many commitments, tedious projects, or sometimes even the weather can lead us into an uninspired funk.
Caffeinating may help, but running on extra-full throttle can leave you even more drained than when you started.
So what’s next?  Here are some suggestions:
1)      Take a break.  Make time to walk down the hall, grab a healthy snack, work on something else, or take some PTO!
2)      Get some exercise.  Take a short walk outside.  Do some yoga.  It might throw your colleagues for a loop, but it’s good for your body and brain to get that blood pumping! 
3)      Find inspiration in others.  Few things recharge my batteries and get me excited like new ideas.  Make time for a good book.  Checkout a blog.  Go to lunch with a friend.  You’ll find yourself rejuvenated, and maybe even inspired!
4)      Say No or Ask for Help.  We can only do so much, and there are always plenty of projects to take on.  If there’s too much on your plate, admit it.  Ask for help or consider passing on low-priority projects.
If we aren’t inspired, work is a chore.  Clear your head.  Increase your sanity.  Gain new perspective.

How do you stay inspired at work?

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  1. I like to look forward to being home, and shutting off my work brain. It's hard to do sometimes! I like to plan my next vacation months in advance, and I look forward to enjoying some PTO. But, exercise does wonders for me!