Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Clear the Clutter

2011 was a whirl wind.

As I settle into my new marriage and work towards establishing my new business, I am continually distracted by moving boxes, paperwork, and “stuff,” which has accumulated on every flat surface.  The more progress I make, the bigger the trail I seem to leave behind.

Unable to stand it any longer, I began my dig through piles, identifying things to save, shred, or recycle.

Some items are harder to part with than others. 

It was fun to see my cute puppy and kitten checks from 6th grade, but are they really necessary now that I’ve upgraded to the ever-so sophisticated Peanuts ones?  And the first check I wrote?  It was for $5 to the Wildlife Fact Fund.  It seems I was green, long before knowing what that was!

Although not yet done, parts of my desk (and my husband’s too!) that haven’t seen light in a very long while are visible again.

I am thankful for the opportunity to sort through stuff and moments of the past.  Now that unnecessary things are gone and treasured memories and tokens are tucked away, I can create a new vision and accomplish new things, undistracted by stuff that no longer matters.

Cleaning out gives us the opportunity to reflect on good times, make peace with things that didn’t work out, and renew the excitement for ideas and goals yet to be achieved.

What personal or professional clutter can you leave behind with the old year?


  1. Hmm, so many choices. Hey, you have a Peanuts calendar over here.

  2. a constant struggle -- for me, I am clearing out Facebook clutter. My plan is to be purposeful when using it -- as a tool, not a toy.