Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Forcing the Love

The Olympics are in full-swing and celebrity endorsements are commonplace, which reminds me of a recent “guerilla endorsement” I got to make. 

My Volkswagen has ongoing issues, including a sun roof and electronic mirrors that move on their own, which scares me since I don’t know what else will do the same.  I was dreading another appointment, more inconvenience, and the dealership’s denial of my issues, until I was told I would be given a loaner.  “Hooray,” I thought!  “What a nice, unexpected gesture!”

The loaner had the dealership’s name all over it, looked like a Smart Car, and said “Peace and Love, My Friends” on the back, reinforcing a cheesy and obnoxious ad that makes my skin crawl.

I didn’t have an alternate means of transportation, so I took the loaner.  I would have preferred a root canal.

What initially looked like an act of goodwill quickly became an embarrassment and offense.

Thankfully, my car was back that afternoon (issues still an issue) and that love-mobile was returned to Volkswagen.

Certainly, we all want people to love our business.  But forced promotion under the guise of goodwill made a bad situation worse. It felt crummy to drive around town advertising and promoting a car and dealership that have continued to let me down and let issues with my car go unresolved. 

I don’t love them.  I don’t like them.  And yet, I was forced to promote them.

Next time, I’ll pass on the loaner... and on purchasing a Volkswagen.


  1. Ha ha, definitely one of your top 3 Charlie Brown moments in life! That was so funny, even your dad couldn't believe you had to drive it around town. P.S. The title of your blog worried me.

  2. Yes... it was really traumatic! haha... sorry I worried you... at least it got you to read! :)