Saturday, July 21, 2012

Why Bother with Internal Marketing?

At Texas A&M University’s second annual Mays Summer Learning Seminar, a former professor of mine, Dr. Paul Busch, presented on Internal Marketing.  Dr. Busch talked about the tendency of businesses to focus on external messages to clients (in forms like advertising and promotion), while neglecting to educate, empower, and communicate with employees so they are capable of implementing promises made.

Various seminar attendees provided real life examples of communication gaps and misunderstandings of expectations at work.

My favorite example came to mind back at the hotel.

Ever since the “green movement” came into prominence, hotels have left signage letting guests know that towels on the floor will be replaced.  Towels that are hung will be used again.  Despite this policy, over the years, not one hotel has let me use a towel again. 

I never fussed… after all, deep down, who doesn’t want a fresh towel?

Dr. Busch’s lecture made me rethink promises made to consumers and how we keep them.  In this instance, the promise of environmental responsibility sounds good, but isn’t being kept.  If hotels are truly trying to be “green,” they could use some help from internal marketing.

Employees need to understand and be familiar with company initiatives.  They need a chance to buy in, which enables employees to deliver.  Internal marketing helps organizations implement key initiatives, deliver on promises, and achieve goals.

Let internal marketing work for you and your business.  Engage your staff.  Show clients you mean what you say and deliver on what you promise.


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