Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Peace. Love. Phoebe.

I have been looking forward to teaching a “Stress Management / Yoga” class for City of Corpus Christi latchkey staff.  But 150 people?  Dressed in jeans and tennis shoes?  With rows of tables and chairs in the way?

I did tons of research to prepare, and finally felt ready.  But the day of the training, my A/C was out for the fourth day in a row.  And the cat was stuck in a mattress box spring.

As I walked into the training session, my nerves calmed.  I started my presentation.  But my first PowerPoint slide was blank.  I continued talking.  Another blank slide.  Recognizing my audience was young, tired, and ready for lunch, I adapted my plan and made fun of my problems.  I cracked jokes, stayed upbeat, and moved along like nothing was wrong.

I ended the training with a short yoga class, and after relaxation, much to my surprise, the class burst into applause!

My experience got me thinking about the importance of focusing on client needs.  It isn’t always easy.  Sometimes, we’re just not in the mood.  Sometimes, client’s needs aren’t quite as clear as we had assumed, so we have to look a little harder.  But doing business well requires putting personal and professional distractions and preconceived ideas aside.  We have to understand our customers and recognize that meeting and exceeding their expectations come first. 

When we do, they take notice.

And so you know, Phoebe the Cat is fine. 


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