Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Need to Vent

While surfing the web, I was struck in the gut.

Online rating systems should give consumers a realistic idea of what to expect from businesses.  Instead, many platforms are used by angry individuals set on slander.  And rather than telling you about their experience, these people provide minimal accusatory details, if they have the courage to provide any information at all (beyond a minimum ranking).

The post that angered me outrageously stated that a local business treated her like she “wasn’t white enough.”  Additional details were not provided.  But because I am working with the company, I took the comment personally.  I know the staff.  They work hard and mean well.  I also know they 1) don’t discriminate and 2) aren’t even white!

People who make comments like this get under my skin.  They don’t want to be constructive.  They want to be hateful under the protection of anonymity. 

Some review sites offer the ability to turn off rating capabilities or respond to comments.  Google Plus seems to be trying to eliminate the ability to hide behind a screen name.  However, I offer two suggestions I hope we will all keep in mind.  As consumers, let’s take online reviews for what they are worth.  (Many times, very little.)  More importantly, when we have good experiences, let’s take the time to rate that local business highly for a job well done.

We must all be honest if any truth or value can come from online ratings.

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