Thursday, March 15, 2012

Another Face in the Crowd

Whether seeking employment or marketing your business, establishing how and why you are better is key.  Differentiating yourself and incorporating that into your brand justifies why you are the best for the job and helps people remember you.

For months, a local gold buying company has saturated commercial breaks with tons of television ads.  They were looking to differentiate themselves.  And they did.  Each time I mention this frequent advertiser in conversation, locals know immediately who I’m talking about.

The problem?  When I mention this advertiser, people groan.  The company has differentiated themselves as the “in your face advertiser” who is always, well… in your face.

However, despite annoying people, this advertiser’s strong presence made them stand out and positioned them as the apparent industry leader.

But the plot thickened…

After the gold buying ads ran for months, a competitor had a genius response.  One night, during the news, the new company’s ad appeared.  And they had brilliantly differentiated themselves with one line: 

“There are many gold buyers, but only one Gold Master!”

In one sentence, Gold Master was different.  They stood out as the better alternative.

Differentiating yourself and your company doesn’t require a lot of money, nor anything over the top.  It mostly requires a thinking cap and a little creativity.  A well-differentiated brand resonates with consumers and reflects who you are.  And next time your product or service is needed, consumers will think of you first, because you’re more than just a face in the crowd.

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