Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You Know What I Don't Like?

I don’t like Valentine’s Day.

I know… it’s supposed to be romantic and sweet.  But sometimes it feels more like a predictable marketing ploy. 

As a singleton, I hated Valentine’s Day.  (A college friend of mine referred to it as “Single Awareness Day.”  I thought that was especially awesome.)

Last year, my then fiancé and I went to a nice dinner and noticed other couples in the restaurant were not even speaking to each other!  We enjoyed our dinner and company, awkwardly laughing and wondering why no one else seemed to want to be there.

I was recently listening to the radio, and the DJ made a fantastic suggestion.  What if we made Valentine’s Day more about others… all others, instead of just those who expect it?  What if we make a genuine effort to show people, in general, just how much we love them?

Last year I surprised my then fiancé, parents, and grandmother with breakfast tacos and a visit really early in the morning.  I was a little too chipper at Stripes and got plenty of funny looks from refinery workers.  But the smiles and surprises were priceless! 

Showing appreciation for others doesn’t take a lot of time or money.  It only takes thought.

So this Valentine’s Day, spread the genuine love!  Consciously recognize and acknowledge the important people in your life.  And don’t forget your coworkers and clients.  An honest smile or kind word of thanks can go a long way!

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