Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cat Love

I was asked to do a presentation on target markets for a group of local veterans who wanted to become small business owners.  I started the session with a video:

I knew the group I was speaking to would find my choice weird.  I knew they would probably think I was weird too.  But that's why this video was so purr-fect.

Knowing your target market means knowing what makes them tick.  It means relating to them and establishing a connection with them, allowing them to see that you understand their needs, beliefs, and concerns as if they were your own.

Although my class full of veterans wasn't nearly so amused with this video as I am, Whiskas helped them understand the importance of making marketing-related decisions that appeal and relate to the niche you are trying to attract.  This ad wasn't meant to appeal to everyone, but is a home run to people who are obsessed with their cats.

In our businesses, it's easy to fall into the trap of believing that everyone wants or needs our product or service.  However, our resources are limited, so it makes sense to focus efforts on select groups, or target markets, who are more likely to want and need us.

Has your small business identified its target market?  Help your target market see that you understand them and can meet their needs.  When we reach and relate to our target market, success is sure to follow.

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