Saturday, January 19, 2013

Be Inspired

While participating in a yoga teacher training, my friend, Michelle, who brought the class to Corpus Christi, gave some great advice.  She wisely suggested we take a trip, attend a workshop, and learn from teachers who inspire us most when we need new ideas and motivation.

As a new yoga teacher, I have kept this in mind.  I continue to study, read, and learn so I can stay motivated, and in turn, better help my students.

Recently, I realized that Michelle's advice transfers to other areas of life as well.  This is especially so in business.

Near the end of last year, I found myself burning out from taking on too much and trying to support too many causes.  I stepped back and tried to do less.  Surprisingly, I found myself becoming lazy and unmotivated.  I had difficulty gearing up and being ready for the opportunities and challenges of a new year.

All this quickly changed as I affiliated with new causes, such as the South Texas Council of the Boy Scouts.  I became inspired and rejuvenated by passionate staff members and volunteers.  I attended a professional workshop where I reignited my passion for learning and small business.

During my yoga teacher training, our teacher, Christina, commented to me that "if your class is boring, it is because you are boring."  There is much wisdom in these words, which also transfer easily to business.

As leaders, we must remain energized.  We must stay motivated and informed so we can inspire our team, our subordinates, and our clients to do the same.

My challenge to you (and myself): Keep motivated.  Inspire yourself.  In so doing, encourage those around you.


  1. Amen! And don't be afraid to move on when you've given all you can. I was appointed to a committee that does a lot of great things, unfortunately, we couldn't figure out how to do those great things. I left & viola! They came up with an amazing project. Why? The team dynamic was wrong. It wasn't because I didn't do a good job, it's just that I was't the right person for the team.

    So we're both happier!

    1. Very good point, Mary! I'm so glad that team is functioning well now and that you are happier! What a diffrence having a functioning team in place can make! :)