Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

When I started my career, the end of November and December brought peace, quiet, and a great opportunity for reflection, planning, and catch up.  Things got slow.  Coworkers and clients took vacation.  A skeleton crew was in place.  It was the perfect time to start a personal pot of coffee and tackle that perpetual "when I have time..." task list.

This year, I've been looking forward to December for that very reason.  2012 has been busy.  I, like others, have been ready to dial down intensity a bit and reflect on strategies and challenges with a fresh perspective.  I wanted to use my remaining time in 2012 to plan ahead and position better for 2013.  I was going to come up with great creative ways to build upon what I've done since starting my business.  And my desk?  It was finally going to get cleaned off.  It would be immaculate.

Despite my good intentions, the calendar has remained especially full.  Things haven't slowed down.  Thankfully, work has been steady, and planning ahead and catching up on "it would be nice" projects continues to look like a luxury of years past.

Like Santa, I've made my list. I've checked it twice.  I might not get to everything, but I've established priorities and am determined to schedule in time for catch up. 

The calendar isn't clear, but now is as good a time as any. 

What nagging tasks can you and your business tackle before the year's end?

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